Get Up by EVA COLLICELLI of Family of BARRY – @mackinents @familyofbarry

Barry International encountered Italy’s Eva Collicelli, the lead singer of Family of Barry, in Cyberspace, she was awaiting(unbeknownst to her) their collaboration which would catapult her into the international musical spotlight, she so richly deserved.
And it came to pass, he knew she was special, something about her-was cosmic, he felt this even before hearing her tracks, he sensed her awesomeness, even furthermore-he knew this songstress from Italy had special vocal charms…

Stop looking back for something that you never had.
Sometimes in life, and in love, we keep living in past situations
fearful of the reality of the future.
Sometimes in life, especially in Love, one has to let go of the past
in order to venture forth into the future.

A fan posted online that Eva’s vocals were reminiscent of Tina Turner, in that her voice contains that FIRE, which is currently missing in today’s music without Tina.
And much like Tina, Eva’s performance fire’s up anyone who listen’s, because just like her predecessor, having the FIRE means that everything she sings-sounds good, damn good…….