Dj Chasedawn – Da Dee Dee – @Djchasedawn

DJ Chasedawn is a DJ and producer with a focus on groundbreaking EDM music. His recent single “Da Dee Dee“ speaks for itself, highlighting the artist’s commitment to quality and creativity.

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland this dynamic and innovative artist is well known for his edgy and immersive soundscapes, and for his immediate grooves.

“Da Dee Dee” is an upbeat song, filled with a heavy bass line, stunning atmospheric sounds and a modern and punchy production style. In an industry when so many DJs pump out homogenous and empty tracks, it is refreshing to finally get to hear someone who has crafted a song that is sophisticated, well rounded, and absolutely irresistible.

This song would suit a busy nightclub dance floor or even a pumping house party. Personally, what I love about “Da Dee Dee” is that its energy immediately pulls you in and keeps you hooked from start to finish.

DJ Chasedawn is able to create stunning climatic build-ups that feature a satisfying drop that very few DJ’s can pull off so well. The lyrical flow is absolutely hypnotic and the musical composition vibrates deep into your bones.