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Hello and Welcome to Faces Out! You can now get your Videos on Faces Out! For Free! Yes! Free!

These can be Music Videos, Freestyles, Dance or any other Talent! We appreciate talented people and we want to support you! all we ask is that you support as well and subscribe to Faces Out YouTube and follow us on Instagram or Twitter!

Our YouTube Is:

Twitter and Instagram is: @facesout

There are two ways to get yourself seen and noticed on Faces Out!


If you have a video that is NOT on YouTube then we can upload it exclusively to Faces Out YouTube Channel!

If we are uploading your Video exclusively to Faces Out YouTube Channel then it must comply with YouTubes Terms and conditions and the strict rule is that if we find it elsewhere online after we have uploaded to the channel then we will remove it from Faces Out without further notice, it’s not good to duplicate and confuse views on YouTube etc.

To upload your video exclusively on Faces Out YouTube Channel just send us an email to with the subject: Faces Out YouTube along with the Video Title and your Twitter/Instagram and some info for the description box, you will then need to go to: and send us the video, please mention in the email that you have sent the video.

Please Indicate in the email that you have subscribed and/or followed at least one of our social media.

Also we promote you on Instagram! if you have an Instagram Video snippet you can tag and mention @facesout in your description and we will post you on our Instagram page!

We look forward to getting you on Faces Out!

For business promotion or any other Enquiries regarding Services we offer please email us at the same address: with the Relevant Subject Line.

If you don’t have a Video we Offer Video Production In 1080p or 4K for Music or Business., Also we do Professional Photography.. Please note we are London UK Based!

3 thoughts on “Submit and Promote

  1. I’m a young music producer and I was trying to find artists that I could work with and make beautiful music ? with also…. So let me know if and when we could get some work done ✅ I make beats that might fit your style of singing ? and rapping in that realm…

    I’m 20 yrs old
    Graduated on June 14, 2017
    Call me ?? if you are interested or even if you want and need to talk

    Oh and I can’t forget the most important part!!!
    Instagram: Master_clt
    Facebook: Master-Chef Got That Heat
    SoundCloud: Master-Chef
    Email ?:

    • I see where it says if you have a video that’s NOT on YouTube already but, what if I have a video that IS on YouTube already and I’m seeking services from faceout?

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